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Clubhouse Practice Schedule

As Of August 29, 2020


Sunday           Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

12U Navy

7a - 9a

Badgers 11U

9a - 10:30a

18U Navy

11a - 1p


1p - 3p

Medfield Softball 12U

3p - 5p

18U Regional

5p - 7p

Drifter Hitting Lessons

3p - 4:30p

Badgers 12U

4:30p - 6p

16U Orange

7p - 9p

Badgers 11U

5:15p - 6:45p

16U Navy

7p - 9p

Drifter Hitting Lessons

4p - 7p

14U Navy

7p - 9p

Drifter Hitting Lessons

4p - 7p

14U Orange

7p - 9p

Attleboro Baseball

5p - 8p 

1 & 2

7a - 2:30p

Foxboro Softball

2:45 pm -5:15 pm




The schedule above represents the regular practice schedule for all Drifters teams. 

If you see that a slot is open, please do not just take the slot without confirming availability

You can confirm availability by contacting Carol 


If you would like to make a temporary or permanent switch with another coach, please contact the other coach directly